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Ohio Policy Change: Businesses will be notified of tax overpayments

The Ohio Department of Taxation will begin notifying taxpayers who have overpaid and assist them in reclaiming their money.

According to the Associated Press article, businesses previously lost the right to reclaim overpayments if they didn’t discover their own error within a certain amount of time. Now, the tax department will begin notifying taxpayers–both businesses and individuals–“who may have overpaid by a total of up to $13.7 million.” 

Read more on this update from The Plain Dealer.



Ohio to be first state to allow interstate sales of state-inspected meats from small processors

On August 9, 2012, during Senator Sherrod Brown’s local foods conference, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture announced that Ohio will be allowed to participate in a cooperative interstate program which will allow small processors “in Ohio to sell products to neighbors in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and beyond.”

Prior to this policy, small-scale meat producers who were inspected in Ohio could only sell within state lines even though Ohio’s regulations are at least as strict as the federal regulations. 

According to Ohio Agriculture Director David Daniels, this new program will allow Ohio meat processors to “expand their customer base and get their products into new markets without making burdensome and costly changes to their facilities.”

Visit the Farm and Dairy webpage to read more on this development.

Ohioans Debate over Potential "Right-to-Work" Ballot Issue

The proposed Ohio constitutional amendment, whcih would appear on ballots in 2013 at the earliest, would prohibit employees from having to join a union or pay related fees as a condition of employment. 

On one side of the debate, the Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is supportive of the proposal. They say that people should be able to choose whether or noth to support labor unions and claim that the proposed amendment was “carefully written so it would not end any union or existing union.”

Others see the amendment differently and claim that it is an attack to undermine labor organizations. Opponents of the proposal argue that according to studies wages are lower in right-to-work states, the likelihood of health insurance and retirement is decreased and weakened unions would have less ability to negotiate for better and safer working conditions. 

Read more from both sides of the debate on The Marietta Times.

3 Ohio Companies make NCEO’s 100 Largest Majority Employee-Owned Companies

The National Center for Employee Ownership revealed the 100 largest majority Employee-Owned Companies in America.To qualify for this list, companies must be at least 50% employee owned.

Three ESOP companies from Ohio made the list;

  • Zandex Health Care in Zanesville, OH
  • Davey Tree Expert in Kent, OH (100% employee owned)
  • Risbeck Food Markets in St. Clairsville, OH

Click here to view the article and the full list of 100 companies on the NCEO webpage.

Ohio’s Award-Winning Employee Owners

CTL Engineering is OH/KY Employee-Owned Company of the Year – CTL Engineering was named the 2011 Employee-Owned Company of the Year by the OH/KY Chapter of The ESOP Association. CTL is 85% employee-owned through an ESOP established in 1998. Combining strong management with employee ownership and involvement that includes strategic planning, the Columbus-headquartered, firm has 250 employees in nine offices in OH, IN, and WV. CTL provides engineering, testing, analysis and consulting services in environmental, geotechnical, roofing, forensic and civil engineering areas.

Perry Corporation’s ESOP Video Wins National Communication Award – Perry Corporation of Lima took The ESOP Association’s Annual Award for Communications Excellence (AACE) in the Audio Visual category.  TEA President, Michael Keeling, praised the video for its use of humor to communicate the link between ESOP participation and the long-term rewards of ownership and business success. Featuring a Gilligan’s Island theme with Perry’s ESOP committee members dressed as the show’s TV characters, the video was enjoyed by hundreds of attendees at the TEA 34th Annual Conference and AACE exhibit in Washington DC.

CTL’s Becky Carroll is OH/KY Employee Owner of the Year – Becky Carroll, Payroll Administrator of CTL Engineering, is the 2011 Employee Owner of the Year for the Ohio/Kentucky Chapter of The ESOP Association. With 11 years at the firm, she serves on CTL’s ESOP Education Committee, also known as the Fun Czars, whose three members lead and promote “celebration, teaching, learning, and ownership” company-wide. “As a member of the ESOP Education Committee, it is my duty to educate our employees on the importance of the ESOP.  I feel I make a difference when employees take ownership and pride in where they work,” she remarked.

PRC’s Team wins OH/KY Group Excellence Award – The ESOP Communication Committee of Prentke Romich Company was selected by the Ohio/Kentucky Chapter of The ESOP Association as the winner of the 2011 Group Excellence Award. This annual award acknowledges companies that have excelled in communicating the ESOP  and its meaning to the company’s employees. PRC is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of augmentative communication devices and other assistive technology for people with speech and other disabilities. PRC is 100% employee-owned through their ESOP established in 2003. Headquartered in Wooster, the firm employs 165 people worldwide. The ten members of the ESOP Communication Committee represent each area of the company.  They develop company-wide education through the internet, annual participant meetings, small-group birthday lunches with their company president, matching of  new employees with senior employees, and learning games with cash prizes.

Andrew Kulesza is 2011 Outstanding TEA Board Member – Andrew Kulesza, CFO/Treasurer of RE Kramig & Co., headquartered in Loveland, was named the 2011 Outstanding Board of Governors Member by The ESOP Association for his volunteer service and strong support of the Association’s government affairs activities. “Andrew has worked enthusiastically to advance the cause of employee ownership, particularly with leading think tanks and federal officials,” said J. Michael Keeling, ESOP Association President.