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Interview with Graeme Nuttall on the Applications of Employee Ownership

Angela Perry the Chair of Employee Ownership Australia & New Zealand interviewed Graeme Nuttall, expert in Employee Ownership; partner at Field Fisher Waterhouse, UK; and author of Sharing Success: the Nuttall Review.

Topics include:

  • Key barriers to employee ownership in the UK
  • Essential elements tosuccessful employee ownership
  • The connection between employee engagement and employee ownership
  • Importance of employee ownership in succession planning and saving companies
  • Driving productivity and innovation
  • Importance of employee ownership for small to medium enterprises and start-up businesses
  • The global application of the developments in the UK

Watch the full video . . .


Deputy Prime Minister Wants Employees "in the driving seat" in Britain

A number of articles have appeared recently regarding the response of Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, Nick Clegg, to Graeme Nuttall’s examination of methods to promote employee ownership and spread the benefits of employee ownership to the wider economy.

It’s not enough to talk about a new kind of capitalism: more balanced, more sustainable, fairer. We need to roll up our sleeves and build it – and that is what today is about.

. . . 

That’s why today I have announced that an Institute for Employee Ownership will be established, that there will be new off-the-shelf ‘DIY packs’ for companies to adopt the Employee Ownership business model and that we will issue a call for evidence from business and employees on how a right to request could work

The Nuttall Review was published on July 4, 2012 to summarize the existing research on the benefits of employee ownership, identify the key barriers in adopting employee ownership and reccommend ways of overcoming these barriers. The report can be viewed here

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