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Employee Ownership: A Better Way of Doing Business

If you’re interested in learning “a better way of doing business,” we invite you to attend the 26th Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference. The conference, titled Employee Ownership: A Better Way of Doing Business, will take place April 20 in Akron, Ohio, and will feature keynote speaker Joseph Blasi.

Joseph Blasi is a professor at the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University where he was named to the post of Robert J. Beyster Professorship of Employee Ownership.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of employee ownership, and meet with other network members. If you’re interested in attending you can register and find more information on the OEOC Website.

We hope to see you this April in Akron!


Joseph Blasi Named First J. Robert Beyster Professor of Employee Ownership

Managing an employee-owned company, especially a participatory one, is very different than managing a conventionally owned and run company. Many management and business school grads are ill-prepared to handle the dynamics and human resource issues that are involved.

This is why the recent announcement regarding Rutgers’ University has named the very first J. Robert Beyster of Employee Ownership comes as welcome news to those of us in the employee ownership world. Apart from the fact that a very deserving Joseph Blasi was appointed to the post, it is heartening that a major university is finally recognizing the value of employee ownership education in the nation’s management schools. Especially so as employee-owned businesses and participatory management continue to become more mainstream.

World’s First Professorship in Employee Ownership Endowed at Rutgers

The Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED) has committed $2 million—the largest gift in the history of Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) to establish the J. Robert Beyster Professorship of Employee Ownership.

The Beyster Professorship is SMLR’s first endowed professorship and, as far as can be determined, it is the first named chair in employee ownership established anywhere, according to SMLR Dean David Finegold.

Additionally, the school has announced the recipients of the 2010-2011 Beyster Fellowships that supports scholars in the field of employee ownership.

Dr. Beyster, who founded hugely successful SAIC Inc. in 1969, established the Foundation for Enterprise Development in 1986 to help promote the concept of broad-based, participative employee ownership and entrepreneurism. He currently serves as chair of the foundation.